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Wolky is a dutch shoe company that creates high quality footwear. By continuously developing innovative shoes, the Wolky collection today consists of more than 18 shoe lines per season. All kinds of footwear such as sandals, clogs, high-heels, boots and walking-boots are part of the Wolky collection. Most have a removable footbed for extra comfort as well. Additionally, while environmental issues become more and more important, Wolky is one of the leading shoe-companies in using environmental friendly materials. Most of their shoe collections are made out of leathers that are all tanned without using any chrome or vegetable extracts, and are therefore not only skin friendly, but also environmental friendly. Wolky keeps the World green.
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Wolky - Bi Wolky - Bi
Our Price: $159.00
Wolky - Bonnie Wolky - Bonnie
Our Price: $179.00
Wolky - Go Wolky - Go
Our Price: $149.00
Wolky - Jewel Wolky - Jewel
Our Price: $179.00
Wolky - Pichu Wolky - Pichu
Our Price: $155.00
Wolky - Scala Wolky - Scala
Our Price: $169.00
Wolky - Tampa Wolky - Tampa
Our Price: $169.00
Wolky - Up Wolky - Up
Our Price: $149.00
Wolky - Winchester Wolky - Winchester
Our Price: $229.00
Wolky-Cursa Wolky-Cursa
Our Price: $169.00
Wolky-Drio Wolky-Drio
Our Price: $169.00
Wolky-Frosty Wolky-Frosty
Our Price: $189.00
Wolky-Gila Wolky-Gila
Our Price: $175.00
Wolky-Kite Wolky-Kite
Our Price: $159.00
Wolky-Rio Wolky-Rio
Our Price: $165.00
Wolky-Rosa Wolky-Rosa
Our Price: $188.95
Wolky-Seminyak Wolky-Seminyak
Our Price: $185.00
Wolky-Stuart Wolky-Stuart
Our Price: $199.00