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For 20 years, Shoes On Solano has been a women’s shoe retailer that specializes in providing fashionable footwear that is also very comfortable. Throughout the years we have learned a lot from both our experiences and customer feedback, and have discovered that there are many styles and designs that are not currently being manufactured by any vendors. As a result, we have begun to develop and design those styles ourselves and have recently introduced our own line of high quality yet well priced shoes that are currently being hand-made in Portugal.

Sole Terra is derived from the Italian words Sole and Terra, meaning, “sun” and “earth.” Our shoes are manufactured in the Porto region, located in the northwestern area of Portugal. The leathers used are of the highest quality and are made in Italy. The shoes we make ultimately represent our core value, ensuring comfort while not having to sacrifice style and fashion.

We’ve traveled to Portugal and back, and will not rest until your feet are comfortable and stylish!

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